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We accept a limited number of patients into care who we have determined we can help. Determine if you are a potential candidate- click on the button above to request a free phone consultation. We will contact you for a free short phone consultation. This offer is good for one time only. We devote our time to giving personalized, one-on-one clinical care and health coaching. Our programs are tailored to the patient’s needs and range from a few months to a couple years. However, our effectiveness is limited if you are not emotionally ready, have the time, or are motivated to make changes. This is hard work for the practitioner and the patient. You will need to be an active participant. When we complete the free consultation, it is not a promise of ongoing treatment. If we feel that we are not the right practice for you, we will try to help you connect with those persons who we believe may be better able to help you.

2018 Fee Schedule

Consultations (as well as Osteopathic Manipulation Services)– $250/hour, prorated in 15 min increments.

Home Visits – In certain circumstances, we will do home visits which will require additional fees and is dependent on the circumstances and distance. Please call to discuss.

Online Services – We offer treatment via secure HIPAA compliant videoconferencing, if and when one is deemed an appropriate candidate after the first visit being face-to face.

HealthySelf Group Visits – We anticipate having group sessions of 8-10 people at a later date to allow for a more affordable option. STAYED TUNED!

Initial Consultations are 1 1/2 – 2 hours at the office, including check-out time. You will be charged for face-to face time. This includes the hours we’ve spent before and after your visit to review any past lab work, all paperwork,  intake forms and writing treatment plans. We will create an individualized and detailed treatment plan for you which will include one or more of the following: customized food plan and condition specific natural medicines based on your labs, exercise, lifestyle, and stress management recommendations. If there are multiple issues requiring numerous recommendations, they will be outlined in the order that are most important to you, most beneficial, best tolerated and in the least overwhelming manner.

Follow ups typically occur on a 3-4 week basis. They usually require 60 minutes depending on complexity and time to review how you are doing, review what is working and what is not working, review lab work and make alteration in the plan with you. Most people require 3-6 months to feel significantly better. Some people need to continue for a couple of years.

We decided in the beginning to focus on patient relationships rather than insurance requirements. Therefore, our office is out-of-network for all insurance carriers. Payment is expected at the time of the visit. We DO accept  Medical Savings Account cards and credit cards from MasterCard and Visa only. If you have a high deductible and absolutely have to see a doctor for care no matter what, consider spending that deductible on our services. It’s the best opportunity to get well.

We will provide each patient with a receipt that is called a “superbill” by the insurance industry. You can submit this superbill to your particular insurance carrier and, in most cases, there is some benefit available to you for out-of-network care. It is your responsibility to know what your out-of-network benefits are.

If you have a PPO, you have the option of going to the provider of your choice. Generally, this means that you will need to contribute more for an evaluation from an out-of-network provider. You may be required to contribute 20- 40% or more depending on your contract. Your out-of-network deductible needs to be factored in.

Click on the button above titled "Insurance Verification Form." This form helps navigate the insurance process. While our office does not process claims directly to the insurance company, we are able to give you support in how to understand how to maximize the use of your insurance. Please contact your insurance company from the number on the back of your insurance card. Please complete this form by calling your insurance company  so that you are fully aware of what your benefits are and to understand the extent of your potential reimbursement of payment for our services from your insurance company. Insurance companies are not equal and some have better benefits than others. It is valuable to complete this process. 

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