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Celebrating Breast Health Month with Insights from Dr. Northrup

At 14 years old, my Mother gave me 3 books for Christmas. The most impactful book that I received was Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom. I read this book almost cover to cover as I was in this critical stage of beginning the reproductive cycle in my life. I referenced this book so many times in my teens and early 20's that I renamed this book the women's health bible. I quoted the information to my friends and gave copies to friends to help guide them on their journey.

Unbeknownst to me, I would walk in the footsteps of Dr. Northrup as I trained as an Obstetrician/ Gynecologic Surgeon, practiced in that field and then migrated to the integrative/functional medicine aspects of Ob/Gyn that I found to be the most effective tools of treatment and healing for the patients that I was working with in my practice.

To celebrate women and breast health, I am giving 2 presentations called "Breast Health from a Holistic View." I tapped into the resources of Dr. Northrup to help share the important concepts related to women's health. During my presentation, I ask everyone to connect to the mind-emotion components of breast health as I read a message of healing that I modified one of Dr. Northups' messages. I share that message below:

Close your eyes and focus on the gentle movement of your chest. Feel the cage of the chest squeeze and release. Feel the sacrum rock back when the chest is releasing and the sacrum rocks forward when the chest cage is squeezing. When you consider your breasts, do so with respect and caring. Be grateful they are part of your body. Now and during your monthly breast self-exam, avoid thinking of your breast tissue as housing an enemy. Instead thank your breasts, chest, lungs, and heart for being a part of your body as you lovingly care for yourself. Release the toxins in your body while increasing blood flow and life energy! Open yourself to receiving help, nourishment, and compassion from self and others. When you experience events that cause you sorrow, resentment, or pain, allow yourself to quite literally get these feelings off your chest by experiencing your emotions fully, grieving, and then letting go. “Make a clean breast of it.”

As part of this month, I want to pay tribute to Dr. Northrup. Dr. Northrup has continued to impact my healing process as well as hundred of thousands of women for the last few decades. I was delighted to share her information during my talk and to you as well. I would encourage you to read her books, visit her website at, and share these resources with your friends and family. She offers insights, that I have relied on for decades, on hormone therapy, women's health, as well as advancing practices and understanding in medicine and healing. If you have any questions, please contact me through


Dr. Andrea

P.S. Please attend my presentation "Breast Health from a Holistic View" on Thursday October 26 at 6pm at the Better Health Store at 6235 West Saginaw Highway in Lansing, MI.

P.P.S. I ask that you share this blog to others that may benefit from it as well as subscribe to my YouTube Channel of DrMcSwain or join my email list by contacting

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