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Focusing on What Is Important

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Or as I like to say: "An ounce of preventative medicine is worth a pound of conventional medicine." Most people tell me that they value their health as one of the top priorities in their life. In an era of exponential growth in chronic disease, the importance of preventative medicine must be combined with a level of urgency. Take action on your top priority of health. I have included a grid to evaluate how and when to take action on important and urgent matters- your health and quality of life. Also, please listen to the Youtube video "Urgent vs. Important." I encourage you to subscribe to my Youtube channel, drmcswain for more information and updates.

If you are concerned about developing serious health conditions including Alzheimer's, Cardiovascular Disease (Heart attacks), stroke, and cancer, then today is the perfect day to contact me to have a consultation about ways to reduce your risk factors. My office offers evaluation of your health history, a detailed functional medicine examination, Osteopathic Manipulation, nutritional counseling, hormone therapy, innovative lab assessment, and so much more to support your lifelong journey. I end this post with my goal for all people to "feel better, feel great."


Dr. Andrea

Andrea McSwain, DO

Your Partner in Health

Evaluating Your Health as Urgent and Important


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