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Healing Solutions for Chronic Pain

We are currently facing an epidemic in the United States. Of course, many factors are at play- sedentary lives, poor food quality, etc.

Remove yourself from our culture and think about this from an outside perspective. Imagine a young woman who has delivered her child vaginally (1 year ago) coming to the ED for the 2nd or 3rd time. She is given a drug to make her sleepy (being able to care for her and her child less well) and develop an addiction. She receives no option for how to actually address the pain. She has had pelvic trauma from birth and needs her bones, ligaments, and muscles readjusted to how they existed prior to the trauma.

Creating more problems like NSAIDs that destroy the healthy bacteria in our digestive tract, can cause ulcers, affect our kidneys, and disrupt our immune response.

What is the problem?

  • Patient are given few options mostly medications.

  • Healthcare providers devalue the problem of pain especially if it is chronic pain from trauma including giving birth.

  • Most of those options given are short-term, quick fixes that can be habit forming and cause more problems than they address.

  • Pain medications that are prescribed are often addicting medications including narcotics and muscle relaxants.

Not putting the patient in control to change behaviors to reduce pain and create long-term solutions.

Healing Solutions for Chronic Pain

What are the solutions?

  • Offer physical adjustments through osteopathic manipulation, acupuncture, chiropractor, massage, reflexology, etc.

  • Provide dietary and herbal support to reduce pain naturally.

  • Encourage dietary changes to reduce inflammation and reduce subsequent nutritional deficiencies that occur with chronic pain.

For those of you with chronic pain, there are solutions. There is hope to stop the pain and its ill-effects on the rest of the body. We must realize that chronic pain is chronic stress and chronic inflammation. Together, they lead to immune suppression seen as chronic disease including heart disease, hormone problems, and cancer. Addressing your chronic pain today to reduces your risk for chronic disease. Contact me for more information.


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