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Chronic pain is reversible. Dr. McSwain uses Osteopathic Manipulation Treatment and Functional Medicine with an emphasis on restoring cellular energy to help alleviate or eliminate chronic pain syndromes. Are you ready to take action to reduce or eliminate the pain that has been negatively impacting your life? Dr. McSwain and the team of multi-discplinary providers join you in offering a long-term solution. 

Find Answers

Are suffering and watching your life go by without you in it? Are your family members continually asking you "what's wrong?" Sadly, you don't know. You just know that when you exert yourself you are on a slippery slope of being more tired the next day. There are so many reasons for fatigue, from the cell level all the way up to the impact of the environment. When the brain is in a fog, the answer become further and further out of reach. Come with a readiness to change and seeking answers!

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