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Using the power of the messages of the heart to direct the mind into the thinking brain and away from the survival reptilian brain. The Depletion to Renewal plan is explained as a way to activate the inherent ability to heal. With over 400 medical studies completed, HeartMath shows a reduction in medical conditions including atrial fibrillation, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, diabetes type 2. Learn through this self-paced course the extremely simple techniques that you must incorporate into your background voice so that you transition from frustration, resentment, erraticism, and advanced metabolic aging toward love, appreciation, coherence, and improved relationships with yourself and others. Your personal transformation is awaiting. Register today!


Maximizing Executive Cognitive Function

Transition from depletion that leads to hopelessly mounting fatigue to being tired at the day of a life well-lived.

4 sessions:

1. Executive Thinking - The power design and direct

2. Viewing the brain as a muscle

3. Building reserve and recovery

4. Taking action - redefining the full throttle approach.


SIBO Relief Class

SIBO symptom relief: No prescriptions or supplements required. In this class Dr McSwain will educate you on 9 techniques that will help you experience symptom relief. She provides easy to understand and step by step instruction.


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