Results That Matter: Metabolic Performance Profile 

Unleash your metabolic potential with "Results that Matter: Metabolic Performance Profile (MPP)," a course offering convenient at-home urine collection to assess your metabolism. Led by Dr. Andrea McSwain, gain personalized guidance to optimize your metabolic performance, empowering informed decisions for vibrant health and peak performance.
  • Andrea McSwain, DO

    Doctor of Osteopathy
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What's included?

Urine Collection Kit

When you sign up for this Lab Class we will send you an easy urine collection kit for you to mail into Physicians Lab. Once resulted- we'll notify you right away!

Detailed Lab Review

Join Dr. Andrea McSwain as she explores the significance of your lab results. With her expert analysis, you'll gain the confidence to understand your body's signals without any guesswork.

Tailored Supplement Recommendations 

Throughout the lessons, Dr. McSwain will suggest supplements to create a personalized supplement regimen tailored to your individual results.
Meet the instructor

Dr. Andrea McSwain

Meet Dr. Andrea McSwain, your dedicated partner in health.

As a Doctor of Osteopathy specializing in Obstetrics and Gynecological Surgery, she embodies a patient-centered approach to medicine, focusing on wellness rather than simply treating diseases. Dr. McSwain's journey into holistic healthcare was shaped by her personal experiences, witnessing her mother's struggles with undiagnosed comorbidities within the conventional healthcare system. Determined to make a difference, she aims to empower her patients to achieve lifelong health by addressing the root causes of illness.

With a profound understanding of the body's interconnected systems, Dr. McSwain utilizes Osteopathic Manual Medicine to realign the body, promote healing, and enhance overall mobility. Her holistic approach extends beyond traditional medicine, incorporating age management principles and personalized wellness strategies tailored to individual needs.
Dr. McSwain's academic background includes an undergraduate degree from Arizona State University and training at Midwestern University’s College of Osteopathic Medicine. She furthered her expertise through training with the Institute for Functional Medicine and the American Association of Anti-Aging Medicine.
Join Dr. McSwain on a transformative journey towards optimal health and well-being.
Patrick Jones - Course author